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Our system allows for reasonable and optimally cost-efficient fabric procurement.

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Special Supporter

Masayuki Takatera

Masayuki Takatera

Shinshu University
Faculty of Textile Science and Technology

KIZIARAI is an extremely important initiative that has the potential to provide a meaningful environment in the form of a hub of information about Japanese fabric manufacturers that has not been available through sales channels up to now.

I believe that this is necessary for fabric manufacturers to continue to exist and for the informatization of the Japanese textile industry, which would thereby expand the market. Since 2020, Shinshu University and Bird fab studio have engaged in joint development using the university’s patents, and I envision the development of further endeavors that support the revitalization of Japanese fabric production areas.

The result of joint development with the Department of Textile Science and Technology at Shinshu University.

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Japanese Fabric Platform

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  1. Members can contact suppliers directly from the Supplier Showroom
  2. Request swatch samples for free.
    *Please consult with the supplier about who will be responsible for international shipping charges
  3. Purchase OUTLET fabrics from trial cuts and excess inventory
  4. The OMOTENASHI feature lets you make refined searches using keywords and images to find your fabric
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  1. Member registration -> E-mail notification of registration completion KIZIARAI can be used immediately
  2. Contact supplier representatives directly via phone or E-mail from our Supplier Showroom.
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  3. Place fabric samples in your cart and request delivery
    You can see the status of your samples and check whether they have been shipped or are in preparation from your MyPage.
  4. The OMOTENASHI feature lets you make refined searches using keywords and images to find your fabric
  5. When you find a product you are interested in, you can make inquiries directly, or pass on the information to an agent to have them handle the procurement.
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Bringing new distribution channels and new practices to the textile industry, and leading it into the 21st century.
We have been designing and selling textiles in Japan and abroad for more than 20 years, and have gained valuable experience in handling a wide variety of textiles.During that time, the division of labor in the Japanese textile industry has resulted in the development of outstanding technologies in all of the processes. At KIZIARAI, it is possible to meet Japanese textile manufacturers with amazing technology and textiles that have never been seen before.

KIZIARAI will not damage your existing sourcing channels. There is no margin for our products, letting us procure the most reasonably priced, cost-effective textiles.
We are not limited to being a textile matching platform, but we also aim to build a platform capable of addressing problems and issues in the textile industry in order to contribute to society.

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AI search function (already reviewed by JAPIO), business model patent pending

Company Profile

Comany name
Bird fab studio co,ltd
Hideyuki Ueba
7-2 Minamiha-chou,Maizuru-shi Kyoto 625-0057
Founded in 2018
Established in 2021