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A lifetime coat made by Styletex


Oversea maison brands and domestic apparel makers etc., material for coat of Styletex that is highly evaluated in domestically and internationally.
This time, we will introduce purely made in Japan production that continue sticking and, their desire to convey high-quality production at fair price.


requests for fabric development from overseas maison brands.

Styletex is rare maker domestically that producing from dyeing→weaving→finishing →sewing all process purely made in Japan, and is mainly produced with outer coat material which most difficult in quality standards.
First, purchasing the yarn then it is sent to Kawagoe City of Saitama which is known as the production area of Tozan-ori, which has a novel pattern and color scheme in the Edo period. Then we dye yarn depending on fiber classification and requirements including "Threne yarn dyeing", which is rare in the world. After that, those are delivered to Tokigawa Town, Hiki County of Saitama and is woven from heavy weight fabric to various public office fabric. The fabric of high count and high density which we are good at is easy to break yarn during weaving, and plain fabric is particularly delicate to handle, but we enable world-class quality with high skill and know-how. We have all process in house, so we accept from 1 meter sample blanket to 100,000 meter monthly production, to say nothing of quick delivery.
It is a textile maker recognized around the world, with requests for fabric development from overseas maison brands.


Styletex also develops the product lineup called "EDOCOAT".

商品の生地は全て自社工場にて国内生産されており、縫製工場へ直送という流通ルートにより、製造工程でのコストを削減しています。また縫製工場で仕上がったコートを直接、自社オンラインショップでのみ販売することで、流通工程でのコストカットも実現。よってMade in JAPANの高品質にこだわりながら、市場価格の1/2での提供が実現可能に。
Product fabric is domestically produced in all own factory, and reduce the production process cost by distribution channel to sewing factory directly. All the fabrics of the products are domestically produced at our own factory, and the cost in the production process is reduced by the distribution channel of direct delivery to the sewing factory. In addition, we realize the cost reduction by selling only your own online shop the coat which was completed at sewing factory. Therefore, it is possible to offer at half the market price while sticking to the high quality of Made in Japan.

The yarn-dyed chambray fabric had built up with more than 120 years of history and know-how is a combination of different colors that looks changing the colors depending on the balance and angle of the warp and weft, so everything is a masterpiece.
Moreover, it proud outstanding color fastness to light by using threne dye, and can express deep colors about dark colors. It keeps its beauty even if you wear it all the time.
Check out Styletex online showroom if you want to see more high quality coat materials!

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