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Differences between Suri Alpaca and Alpaca



Many people must have heard of Suri Alpaca as a more luxurious material among alpacas! The adorable alpacas that you often see on television are commonly referred to as "Huacaya", a type of breed name. In the picture below, you can see a Huacaya alpaca. A significant feature of alpacas, as opposed to animal fibers like cashmere, is the wide range of natural colors they possess, including brown, beige, and off-white. Huacaya alpacas make up the majority of the alpaca industry and are relatively common and easily accessible.
Huacaya alpaca fibers are short and fluffy, with a crimp (wavy structure). The fibers are soft and elastic, providing a voluminous feel. Therefore, they are suitable for knits.
ワカヨアルパカ/Huacaya Alpaca

The picture below is also of an alpaca, which is of the type called "Suri". The characteristics of Suri alpaca fibers are quite distinct compared to the Huacaya. They have extremely long and straight fibers, with a fine texture similar to silk. These fibers possess a significant sheen and exhibit a graceful drape. Due to their delicate nature, breeding is challenging, making them a rare and valuable resource, with only about one-tenth of the yield compared to the Huacaya variety. If you are someone who cherishes wearing your favorite clothes for a long time and desires a material with a texture so good it seems almost edible, opting for garments made from the exquisite Suri alpaca material might be a good choice.
スーリーアルパカ/Suri Alpaca


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