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Have you ever had a hard time finding a fabric you are looking for?
Even if you have an image of the fabric you want in mind, you might still have to look for it at a fabric expo or enquire directly with a fabric manufacturer or wholesaler...
We are sure you have tried all kinds of ways to find your ideal fabric in the past.
The OMOTENASHI feature is a service that allows you to share images and keywords of the fabric you are looking for with KIZIARAI's registered suppliers. They can then directly pick out the fabric you are looking for and send you samples.

You can also submit an enquiry using photos!

To use this service, simply enter the details of your request in the OMOTENASHI form and submit it.
You can also shortlist suppliers based on their respective specializations, select specific fabric qualities and enquire about them, or search for fabrics in a manner that takes your preferred terms of business into account.
Your enquiry will be submitted to the suppliers that match your criteria once you click on the "Request" button, and you can wait for the samples to arrive.

Besides providing a textual description of the fabric, you can also submit an enquiry using photos.
For instance, if you are looking for a fabric similar to the one used for the cushion in this photo, you can upload the image to a file transfer service (such as firestorage.com) and paste the download URL into the KIZIARAI form with a comment indicating that you are looking for a fabric like the one used for this cushion!
This process will be more efficient if you can give the suppliers a better idea of the fabric you are looking for by providing images!
What do you think of this service?
We hope that you can take advantage of this OMOTENASHI feature, in addition to the existing search function.
It will definitely help you to find the fabric you are looking for!

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