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KIZIARAIおすすめ!NON DYED(無染色)コレクション

KIZIARAI Recommendation! NON-DYED Collection

KIZIARAI推荐! 非染色系列


                        The Original Color and Texture of the Material

Do you know non-dyed fabric?
It literally means that it is not dyed, but the color of the material is used as it is. Natural fibers such as cotton, linen, wool, alpaca, cashmere, etc. are capable of non-dye for both vegetable and animal fiber.

例えばウールは染色すると繊維が硬くなる性質があります。それは、長時間煮つめて色素を繊維に定着させることでタンパク質が硬化するので、濃い色ほど硬くなる傾向があります。 原料にもよりますが、濃色と無染色を比べて触ってみると無染色の方がずっと柔らかいんです。
For example, wool has the property of hardening its fibers when dyed.
There is a trend that the darker the color, the harder, because the protein hardens when it is boiled for a long time to fix the pigment on the fibers. It depends on the raw material, but when you compare dark color and non-dyed, the non-dyed one is much softer.


                       Non-dyed Textiles Recommended by KIZIARAI

渡六毛織株式会社 NON DYED サンプル依頼はこちら
Introducing some non-dyed materials from KIZIARAI.
The first is the ultimate natural fancy tweed, which is made from the natural colors of each material without using any dyed colors.
It is environmentally friendly, looks lovely, and has a soft texture. The lineup is so nice that you cannot decide from many patterns.
Click here for NON-DYED sample request from Wataroku Woolen Fabric Co., Ltd.
ナチュラルキャメルカラー(有色原毛)原料100%使用による『本物のキャメル』素材をビーバー加工にて仕上げた素材です。 キャメル原料は産出量がウールの約0.15%と大変希少性が高く、保温性・弾力性が高く軽くて柔らかな素材ですが、そこからさらに整理加工でシャルムビーバー加工で仕上げることで光沢感とより滑らかな風合いなっています。
株式会社イチテキ Pure camel beaver のサンプル依頼はこちら
The second is beaver-finishing "Real Camel" material made from 100% natural camel color. The camel raw material is extremely rare, with an output of about 0.15% of wool, and is a light and soft material with high heat retention and elasticity. Moreover, It has a smooth texture by processing charm beaver finish.
Click here for pure camel beaver sample request from Ichiteki Co., Ltd.

ヤクのナチュラルな色を使用したヤク/シルク オーガニックコットンソフト裏毛です。ヤクは無染色、 裏面にはシルク混の糸を使用しており、優しい肌触り。 綿は全てオーガニックコットンとなります。
有限会社紀南莫大小工場 Yaku/Silk Organic Fleece

The last is yak / silk organic cotton soft fleece using the natural color of yak. The yak is non-dyed and uses silk-blended yarn on the back, giving it a gentle touch. All cotton is organic.
Click here for Yaku / Silk Organic Fleece sample request from Kinan Knitting Corporation.

How was the non-dyed fabric collection?
Even with the three materials introduced this time, wool, cotton, camel, yak and beige have various colors and are interesting.
I think it would be good to try making a tone-on-tone combination with just non-dyed fabric.
Please take a look at the original color and texture of the material.


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