Find new Japanese fabrics and fabric makers through our B2B matchmaking exhibition.
Our system allows for reasonable and optimally cost-efficient fabric procurement.

Free registration /
Free system use

  1. Members can contact suppliers directly from the Supplier Showroom
  2. Can request free swatch samples for free.
    *Please consult with the supplier about who will be responsible for international shipping charges
  3. Purchase OUTLET fabrics from trial cuts and excess inventory
  4. The OMOTENASHI feature lets you make refined searches using keywords and images to find your fabric
  5. Pay electronically with PayPal


  1. Member registration -> E-mail notification of registration completion KIZIARAI can be used immediately
  2. Contact supplier representatives directly via phone or E-mail from our Supplier Showroom.
    *Please check supplier transaction conditions after logging in
  3. Place fabric samples in your cart and request delivery
    You can see the status of your samples and check whether they have been shipped or are in preparation from your MyPage.
  4. When you find a product you are interested in, you can make inquiries directly, or pass on the information to an agent to have them handle the procurement.

The benefits of KIZIARAI

  • Match with Japanese fabric suppliers

    Match with Japanese fabric suppliers

    You can use our Supplier List to search for the best maker for you with regard to materials and lot sizes.

    Do business with makers online, no matter how far away they may be.

  • Towards cutting back on procurement costs and carbon emissions

    Towards cutting back on procurement costs and carbon emissions

    There are no fees or margins from our company tacked onto product prices, which maximizes your price benefits.
    Make your business more efficient by majorly cutting back on the travel expenses and time spent on business trips and business consultations.
    By limiting travel, you help contribute to the realization of a carbon-neutral society.

  • You are free to choose your method of payment

    You are free to choose your method of payment

    KIZIARAI does not damage any established procurement routes.
    It is possible to get stocked directly from the agent, export supplier, or maker you have entered a contract with.
    Receive help securing your desired procurement route.

Important notes

Buyer membership is available to all businesses, including small business owners.
Up to 200 swatch requests can be made a month, and the OMOTENASHI feature can be used twice a month for free. Members can increase these numbers by upgrading.

[ How to upgrade ]

MyPage > Current contract > Change request
Please follow the steps above to complete the process. An E-mail from our company will guide you.
The contract is for one year, and charges will occur during the contract period even when membership is canceled early.
Please see our terms of service for details.